[thelist] HTML List?

Djinn djinn at darkdesigns.org
Fri Sep 27 23:36:01 CDT 2002

At 11:52 AM 9/28/02 +1000, Karen J. Bowen wrote:
>Is this what you're seeing?  The problem you describe doesn't seem to
>happen here...
>If not, if you want to send me the code, I'll stick it up here too.

It's actually exactly what I see, but you aren't seeing the actual images
because you don't have the image files. I do have the image files and the
paths are correct and I still can't get them to show. I included the code
because I thought maybe someone would see something wrong with what I
wrote. If they don't see anything wrong with it, it must be somewhere else
in the doc. I'm planning to put it up temporarily on my domain shortly. Thanks.


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