[thelist] checking for unclosed objects in ASP

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> I can't remember specifically, but I believe VBScript (and VB for that
> matter) don't do the whole "test the first conditional of an IF statement
> and terminate the statement if it isn't true" thing or not, hence why I've
> broken it into two IF statements (what is this called, btw?).  I'm pretty
> sure VBS/VB will execute both conditionals regardless if the first is true
> or not, so this might throw an error if the connObj doesn't exist:

It's called short-circuiting, and no, VB doesn't do it (in script form or
otherwise).  The docs *claim* VB does it, but it doesn't actually, so the
code you quote after the bit above does in fact throw an error if the object
doesn't exist.

One more reason to move to .Net.  :)

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