[thelist] Good PHP/MySQL book?

Jay Blanchard jay.blanchard at niicommunications.com
Mon Oct 14 07:06:00 CDT 2002

The problem with a lot of PHP books and tutorials is that many of them
were written with the expectation that register_globals would be ON and
it is now OFF by default, and there are some new ways (4.2.x and later,
I think) to reference variables.

So I wrote a PHP script on one server running 4.02 and it failed on
another running 4.22 or whatever.

I guess all of the PHP books could include a 'check register globals'
warning, huh? :)

The problem with books (I do love them and would rather use them for most
reference) is they cannot keep up with advances made in the software or
system. That is why they all reference folks to websites where you can get
up to date information.

Core PHP Programming by Leon Atkinson is decent and covers many database
functions for many databases. There are good examples for most functions. It
is published by Prentiss Hall PTR.



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