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David Appleton david.appleton at barnardos.org.uk
Wed Oct 16 04:21:01 CDT 2002

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I've had an idea which will hopefully make my life a lot easier when it comes to ste maintenance, but could do with a little advice from wise.

We have quite a large site (500+ handmade templated pages) which is held together by navigational lists displayed on either side of the page content (Global Nav' - directing the user to different sections of our site, and Local Nav' which leads them to more specific areas.).  These navigational areas can get quite complicated (from an HTML point of view) and it is a real pain to update them throughout the site if an area needs to be moved/added/taken away.

Anyway, here's my point...

I've created a system in XML that describes the site structure and will dynamically create all site navigation using a JavaBean and JSP - it works a treat, so if an area needs to be moved, added or taken away, the XML is change and hey presto, it is reflected in the entire site.  My problem is that every page that is viewed by the user uses this process to create the navigation...

1. The JSP within the page makes a call to the JavaBean.

2. The JavaBean uses SAX to determine where in the site structure that particular page is situated and collects all navigational information from the XML document (size ~ 5K - 75 lines).

3. The JSP page processes the information returned from the bean and creates the navigation.

Now if this ever goes in to a live environment, I need to know what sort of a hit this will be on our server (considering that 95% of the pages on our site will be using this system every time they are viewed).  I suppose we are also looking at a maximum of 100 concurrent users accessing our site at any one time.

Has anyone ever done anything like this before, or have any good advice for me here?  Also, does anyone know of any good (free) load testing software I could use in this case?

Thanks in advance.


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