[thelist] Opera/CSS/Quark Xpress

jv jveillo at bellsouth.net
Wed Oct 16 10:47:01 CDT 2002

Timothy (or anyone else),

I'm playing around designing pages with Quark Xpress 5.0. So far, it's
pretty cool for designing page layout but sucks when you want to get in
touch with the code; I'd consider using it in production if the Quark people
figured out a way to make it more coder friendly.

I've checked out the pages Xpress produces and much of it complys to W3C
standards, with minor exceptions like undefined ALT attributes for images.
Overall, I'm impressed with Quarks ability to pull off such a complex
application that is primarily designed for print media.

Anyway, one problem that I'm trying to figure out has to do with Opera's
rendering of CSS. My test pages render perfect in IE6, decent in NN4.XX,
perfect in Mozilla1.01, but has the most trouble with Opera6. The most
glaring problem I'm having is that a graphic in the left hand top of
http://www.ebigman.com doesn't show up but a graphic to the left does show
up. Any idea of what might cause this? Are all the other browsers parsing
CSS wrong?

Hope I'm not repeating a previous thread,

jveillo at bellsouth.net

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