[thelist] Updating links on change menu selection

Carlos Costa Portela ccosta at servidores.net
Mon Oct 28 10:01:01 CST 2002

	Hello evolters!

	I need that some links of my webpage be updated if I select some
option from a pulldown menu. Something like this:

<select name="mymenu">
<option value="1">...</option>

<a href="http://default/link" name="link1">more information</a>

	Say, you select the option in the select menu, and then the link
can show you more information about that. (*)

	I know that JavaScript can help me; can you point me to the
correct place, please?.

	Thanks in advance,

(*) Actually, this is not as simpler as I shown. In the menu there will be
the title of a lot a conferences, and then there will be a lot of links
with different informations (assistants, prices, ...)

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