[thelist] Cold Fusion: error message reported for a form's checkbox item - HTML4.01 Trans

Scott Brady evolt at scottbrady.net
Tue Oct 29 09:09:00 CST 2002

>OK. Am using CF 5. So I tucked ParameterExists("NoWords") and ParameterExists("NoEngine") between the last <cfparam> tag and the opening <cfmail to> tag. Hope this does it!!!! (<8

IsDefined has been around since at least CF4, so that's probably not the issue.  And, if you're using CF4+ you should be using IsDefined, because ParameterExists was deprecated with CF4. Instead of doing IsDefined, I'd say use a cfparam (like you are for other variables):

<cfparam name="FORM.NoWords" default="" type="string">

Also, I didn't notice, but are you using method="post" or method="get" for your form?

If you're using method="get", then you're dealing with URL variables, so your cfparam should be:

<cfparam name="URL.NoWords" default="" type="string">


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