[thelist] Good documentation guides?

Diego webmaster at sci-web.com.ar
Thu Oct 31 18:27:01 CST 2002

I'm not sure I did understand you right, but here goes a link for PHPDoc, a
documentation set based apparently on the one that java programmers use:


I think this documentation is created from parsed comments in scripts,
comments that should follow some predefined format. By the way, javascript
is lacking some sort of this, if i'm wrong please anyone tell me, since I
would like to write some sort of 'near standard' or kind of or almost of a
kind (please forgive me any bad english) documentation for dhtml scripts. If
someone is interested in this please write to me..., I would like to dig
into this, since i do not find it fantastic, dhtml is very hard to mantain.

Diego (sci_FI)

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> Hi everyone
> I'm looking around for good documentation practices/guides/standards for
> documenting coding projects?
> This will be written up in LaTeX (or docBook) so I'm more interested in
> guides to writing good content, rather than good formats.
> Does anyone have any suggestions?
> Many thanks,
> Rachel
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