[thelist] Pop-up window that precludes entrance to main site until okay'd

Scott pippen at bigpond.net.au
Sun Nov 3 21:04:00 CST 2002

From: "Derry Talvainn" <derry at artema.com.au>
: I have a client that wants a list of terms and conditions on his website
: that anyone viewing it will have to accept before entering the site.
: I have placed the terms and conditions as the index page but he is
: concerned that they are rather off-putting and was wondering if they
: could be put in a pop-up window so that the main site will be visible in
: the background - but he would like to make it impossible to access the
: main site until the "I accept" button is selected in the terms and
: conditions pop-up window.
: Is this possible? Or is there a suggestion for an alternative solution?

1. Perhaps on entering the main site, check for a cookie that indicates
    whether the conditions have been read and accepted. If not pop up
    the conditions, if so then don't. Assumes cookies enabled etc.
    Have the cookie expire every 90 days or what-ever, so that visitors
    don't get bugged by them and heaven forbid might even read them.

2. Only put the terms/conditions in the site in front of an section of the
    site where any personal information is provided/supplied. I'm guessing
    that not too much hard-hitting information is provided on the front page,
    so terms and conditions wouldn't really be required here.
    Put the terms and conditions as an intermediate step before providing
    advice to people or asking for details.

3. Put liberal "as defined in Terms and Conditions" references and suitable
    visibility links to the T&C page.

4. Word the T&C so that they're not forbidding "for your protection..." etc
    as opposed to "you must agree to these conditions" etc. Make visitors
    sound like you're looking out for them and not trying to avoid liablity. ;)

just some thoughts...hth

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