[thelist] Perl vs. Other tech

Plunkett, Matt MPlunkett at MSA.com
Tue Nov 12 11:54:01 CST 2002

Perl vs PHP...trying to start a flame war? :P

Perl isn't outdated, but it wasn't designed specifically for web sites.  If
you're an expert PHP developer forced to use Perl, I can see you having some
problems.  For me, I think a regexp mod to a string is much more powerful
than a trim method.  And once you get your head around regexps, they open up
lots of doors.

For including common code on a variety of scripts, check out "use" and
"require".  For database interaction, check out the DBI module.


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Hey All,

A client and I were having a small discussion about Perl and how it
compares with PHP, ASP and JSP middleware. We are doing this job with
Perl, and it seems to me its a real pain to do a lot of things that
are just super simple in PHP for example.

Like we had to trim a field of blank characters, and in Perl you have
to regex it, in PHP you simply use the trim method.

Also, everything on the client side is hard coded (we aren't using
SSI) so I have header code on 20+ pages that I have to constantly
make changes to across the board. Aside from the obvious waste of
time, etc that things like that provide, can people weigh in on the
pro's and cons of these techs? It seems to me that Perl is a bit
outdated - and I do understand that it can be *very* powerful for
some things.

We are also of course using a database too, and I don't know how well
Perl interacts with DBs at all.


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