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Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Fri Nov 15 10:18:00 CST 2002

Hi Benjer,

At least pieces-parts were helpful.   ;-)

Depends. Maybe I don't have a clear idea what you have or where you
are trying to get to.  If you have some functionality on your page
that allows users to 'show' and 'hide' different divs - then you will
need some JavaScript on the page. (see below)  If you just want to
serve up a static page that doesn't let users 'show' or 'hide'
different portions then you can do this all in ASP and not worry
about the client-side script ... just use the querystring to trigger
the sections that you want to serve up - which is more along the lines
of what I was thinking.

If you're letting your users 'show' and 'hide' sections of the page,
then some of the following references may be useful:

Here's an article on showing and hiding divs that just uses "show"
and "hide". It may be kinda old - but it does cover a basic NN/IE
difference in referencing the div.  I'm sure you can google up
some newer information if needed. [Sorry about the wrap.]

Here's an article I found on using the querystring directly with JS:

And a packaged script that gives you the routines already written:

I haven't tested any of these, but they look like they may be interesting.



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I've laid my page out to show everything, based on a queryString var i'm
going to hide everything apart from chosen var, they are all inside
individual <div>'s, so maybe the z-index route would work, would i have to
use javascript as well - not a problem.

I've used CSS for my postioning of items, would this complicate matters...

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