[thelist] New Jear Resolution: Finally get to know Linux

Richard Bennett richard.bennett at skynet.be
Tue Dec 31 19:23:01 CST 2002

Sorry if this comes through twice...

After several unsuccessful attempts at getting Linux running properly under
VMWare, or on a second partition, I finally found dummy-proof solution.

<tip type="Linux">
Want to try out Linux without doing any partitioning of your HD?

Try :

Basically it's Linux, loaded with all kinds of software, that runs straight
from a CD.
I tried it, and it runs really smoothly, incredible.
All my hardware was working immediately, sound, USB and all.
All my Windows harddisks and files were available, and windows programs
could be run through WINE.
Oh yes, OpenOffice, and KDE Office were also pre-installed.
All that in just 30 minutes playing around - very impressive.

To try it, download this file:

(or choose another mirror from the homepage)
I had to use www.flashget.com to get the file, as it's 700mb.
Burn the iso on a cd (in NTI cd maker, select "Create CD from ISO..." from
the File menu)
Restart your computer, pressing the Delete key as it starts up, and in the
BIOS editor, set the start-up sequence to: CD/C/A. Save and restart.

Now when the CD is in the drive, you'll start-up in Linux, when it's not
you'll start normally.

If you can't download the large file, they'll send it to you for free by

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