[thelist] site check and test: http://mackerel.eddystone.com/site2003V2/

patrick evolt at stoutstreet.com
Fri Jan 3 11:51:02 CST 2003

noticed the FOUC phenomena in IE 5.5/Win

i am not much of a designer, but the typography seems.....clunky. it has the
'shoe-horned' in feel to it.


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Subject: [thelist] site check and test:

>   http://mackerel.eddystone.com/site2003V2/
>   If you have a moment please can you let me know
>   your thoughts on the design and
>   Things you should know - the images are just
>   place holders and will not be the finished
>   images...  - so I already know they're not great
>   and the URL is also temporary...
>   The site has been designed to be as accessible
>   as possible, to be informative and quick.
>   Please let me know if you think this has or
>   hasn't been acheived.
>   so if you could test on different platforms and
>   browsers - I will be very grateful
>   all critisims welcome as are compliments *grin*

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