[thelist] How do I get around this?

Chris Johnston chris at fuzzylizard.com
Sun Jan 5 10:17:01 CST 2003

evolt at headhouse.dk wrote:

> There's a javascript behind it which should open a new window in a
> fixed size. It works for me on Mac OS 9.2.2 with IE 5.1 and Netscape
> 4.08 thru 7.01. And it works on WIN 98 using Nertscape as well as IE.
> But now I have been contacted by someone who can not get past that
> first page ...
> Could it be that a pop-up blocker causes it to fail?

Works fine for me in Mozilla 1.2.1 on win2k. But it doesn't work for me
using Opera 6 when I set it to refuse pop-up windows. Then the link does

What browser, OS, miscellanous software is the person using who
complained? And how many people are complaining versus the amount of
traffic you are getting to the site?


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