[thelist] stat command mail error?

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Thu Jan 9 11:34:01 CST 2003

> from: Garrett Coakley <garrett at polytechnic.co.uk>
> I don't think that's right, from aards error message, this is coming
> from a pop3 mail server, nothing to do with the file system.
> The STAT command returns info about the current mailbox, I think it's
> the total number of emails excluding items marked for deletion and
> byte size (but don't quote me on that):
> Aard, did you manage to log into the account correctly? STAT won't
> work until you are authorized. Apart from that I dunno what the
> problem might be, could just be a temporary glitch.

actually, the situation is this...

using Netscape (4.7) Mail, attempts to receive email have the error
cited... when the user logs in to webmail , there are error
messages in the inbox... once deleted, the Netscape Mail client
can retrieve the messages... on the next polling of the server,
however, the errors (and the cycle) begin anew...

and it's a third-party provider (that i think we're moving away from
after this and other issues)... so i can't go manually checking
logs... i have to navigate support-hell...

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