[thelist] secure forms and e-commerce etc

evolt at zamba.com evolt at zamba.com
Mon Jan 27 01:30:26 CST 2003

Original message:

Most email clients have the ability to receive emails with SSL, and of
course the email server has to support SSL and have a certificate. So it
could be secure. But it seems more likely that the people you spoke to
were talking about email receipts that don't include the credit card
number, just information about the transaction(s). I have a client set
up so she just receives these emails, and has the option of viewing more
complete information (including CC number) via HTTPS in a web browser.
Erik Mattheis
(612) 377 2272

Hi, Erik,

They were definitely getting the cc nos sent by email, and didn't
mention secure email, but that's a possibility. Given the usual
Apache/Linux set-up, can you enlighten me as to how to ensure email sent
from my host server is sent via SSL?

On the other hand, I think the idea of having a secure area where
details can be viewed online is preferable in a few of the cases where I
need it, in spite of the usual client dislike of passwords, etc.



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