[thelist] mapped drives over VPN (win2k)

Joel Canfield joel at spinhead.com
Mon Feb 3 18:52:16 CST 2003

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> i'm trying to create a mapped drive while using a VPN but
> it's not working. i am seemingly unable to reach any
> computers on the network aside from my own.
> it's my understanding that a VPN is *supposed* to be the same
> thing as actually being on the network. if that's the case
> why can't i map a drive or access any other computers?
> i even added a record to the HOSTS file but this did not help.

Can you ping the machine you're trying to reach? Your perception is
accurate; once you VPN to the network, you're attached.

It really helps if your remote machine is in a workgroup or domain named the
same as the network domain, and you're logged onto the remote machine with a
username and password which are valid on the domain, but none of that should
keep you from seeing the machine.

Verify that you can see the machine in question first. If you can ping it
and it has a share to which you have permissions, you should be able to


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