[thelist] Tracert Help?

Abdullah Shaikh abdullah at uxdg.com
Thu Feb 13 11:21:01 CST 2003


Perhaps there is a firewall misconfig at your host? This could cause the
last few hops to time out from your IP range, while making it from other

What is the domain name, maybe I can dig a little.

- Abdullah


abdullah shaikh
abdullah [at] uxdg [dot] com

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> Hi all,
> I can't get to my business web site (under construction), and I can't get
> business mail (big problem). It's been dead for 8 hours now, and I can't
> figure out where the problem is. I talked to my hoster, sent him my
> tracert--he can get there fine, his tracert looks okay. I did several
> tracerts from other locations--they make it to my nameserver. I don't.
> I understand a *little* about tracert, but don't understand enough to know
> what I am seeing is correct.

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