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shawn allen shawn at alterior.net
Thu Feb 13 11:56:00 CST 2003

quoth Rob Whitener:
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> > From: BreezyGraphics at aol.com [mailto:BreezyGraphics at aol.com]
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> > I make graphic dependent sites. My problem is that the text loads
> > before the graphics, losing the whole effect of the gui. Anyone help
> > me with a snippet or something that will load the graphics before
> > the text?  Thanks and have a great day, Breezy.
> One thing I have done is to set the visible attribute of elements to
> "hidden" by default.  Write a routine that preloads images and set
> that as the onLoad handler.  Once the images have finished loading,
> set all of your elements to visible.

If you're going to follow through with this, be sure to set the
visibility property to hidden /in javascript/, rather than in your CSS.
Otherwise, users with javascript disabled won't see anything (since the
onLoad handler won't be called to make them visible).

shawn allen

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