[thelist] CSS Image Captions

Carl J Meyer cjmeyer at npcc.net
Sun Feb 16 19:31:01 CST 2003

hi David,

On Sun, 2003-02-16 at 17:20, David Bindel wrote:
> Well image's source code (all that GIF/JPEG format stuff) is stored in a
> database and retrieved dynamically when you call it through the
> retrieval script.  My point is that I don't think GD or getimagesize()
> will work with the image source in a database... I believe it has to
> have an actual file to work on (for what it needs to do).

That's right, getimagesize() needs a file.  But if you need to, it
shouldn't be hard to pull the image out of the database into a temp file
and do whatever you want with it.

Not that that is necessarily a good idea (for reasons of security,
performance, etc you may not want to introduce an extra database query
or an extra temp file).  There may be better ways to do what you want.
But it is possible.

You can also use a URL with getimagesize - so you could call the CMS'
retrieval script via HTTP and make it do the work for you.


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