[thelist] Design input

Dee, Dax Development.com daxi2000 at earthlink.net
Wed Feb 26 15:13:27 CST 2003

	Unfortunately, the logo is the original logo of the company -
and isn't something that I will be given control over (changing that
would be up to the marketing/media people).  I honestly am not sure what
the origin of the logo is (why the flower), but it's one of those things
that I am just going to have to work with.
	Thanks for the input!  I will pass it along to my client.  Now,
I think you have a better idea of what I'm working with - this client
LOVES her current design - doesn't see anything wrong with it (she's
only moving forward with a different design, etc because she's had
enough biz owners tell her that the site is getting cluttered)  and just
keeps adding more and more to it - she is, admittedly, stuck in a rut.

In harmony,

"If you can *dream* it, we can *do* it!

>-----Original Message-----
I'm not sure I make the connection
>between the lily and planning & organizing for busy women.
>Reminds me of hygiene products and vitamins - not planners.

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