[thelist] SQL question

noah noah at tookish.net
Thu Feb 27 22:40:00 CST 2003

This is ASP querying an Access database. It should be easy, but I've been
away from this stuff for a while can't get my head around it.

I have a query like this:

SELECT * FROM Gem a, Shapes b, CertTypes c WHERE a.Shape = b.Shape AND
a.CertType = c.CertType AND NumberOfStones > 0 ORDER BY AverageSize

I need to test c.Description later in the script, hence the a.CertType =
c.CertType join. The problem is that a.CertType is not a required field,
and the above query is not returning the records where a.CertType is not
set. How can I have it return all records, whether a.CertType is set or not?

Thanks for any help.


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