[thelist] javascript rollovers or CSS maybe

burgan at iprimus.com.au burgan at iprimus.com.au
Mon Mar 3 22:32:01 CST 2003

Any help would be greatly appreciated here..

I'm trying to create a row of 4 buttons that:
onMouseOver - change to a second state
onMouseOut - return to the original state
onClick - change to a third state

when the onClick changes the state, I want it to stay that state until
another button in the row is clicked.

And is it possible to have the 'active' button (which ever is on the
onClick state) not have to rollover while it's active.

Does anyone know code off their head for this - or a solid tutorial

Actually just thinking about it .. maybe someone that has knowledge in CSS
can show me how to do this with CSS.

Thanks very much in advance.

Tim Burgan

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