[thelist] Macromedia.com redesigned

John Dowdell jdowdell at macromedia.com
Wed Mar 5 17:40:23 CST 2003

At 2:58 PM 3/5/3, John Handelaar wrote:
> But sure - evidently when
>you asked for feedback you were just kidding.

C'mon, give me a break. One person soapboxes on "not accessible", I ask
which screenreader (*and* which modality!) he's using, you come in and say
your unusual browser doesn't work like others, and then imply that I'm
insincere? Today's too busy for that.

Got feedback for site designers? They're earnestly requesting it with links
on main pages, thanks.

At 3:21 PM 3/5/3, Peekstok, Anna wrote:
>Macromedia doesn't have the legal mandate to be accessible that a government
>or educational site does. But are your marketing folks really ok with the
>idea of giving users who try to visit your site a frustrating and negative
>experience, just because they aren't using the equipment and software you
>think they should be using?

I'm not sure I understand the point, sorry. You can flip the site to static
HTML if you wish -- click "accessibility" on front page. Or are you
asserting that others should not have experiences others cannot have? (ie,
the "we must outlaw golf" argument).

Is it that you want the Macromedia site to act identically in WebTV? If so,
then have you tried the HTML version? (WebTV is baked with older versions
of the Macromedia Flash Player, and cannot update its capabilities like
computers can.)


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