[thelist] Macromedia.com redesigned

Tom Dell'Aringa pixelmech at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 5 19:08:01 CST 2003

Holy cow, I started a zinger eh? Oh well, if not me someone else
would have.

Anyway, I got home and loaded it up in IE6/XP, where I do not have
flash6 installed yet. I got the message at the top that I 'may not
have' etc.

Now I assume this is the HTML version of the site, which loaded nice
and snappy and looked to me virtually identical to the flash version.

I too use some MM products, mainly HomeSite, and I am interested in
other things they produce. But I don't want to browse the site with
flash - its too slow for *my taste*, even if it looks nice.

Someone mentioned it'd be nice if the HTML was the basic then you
could enable the flash if you wanted it - that makes more sense to me
and what I would prefer. Problem is - it says some of their site is
not usable without it - I wonder what parts.

It'd be a simple matter to have a button on the homepage that asks if
you want the flash version and set your cookie for you. I think then
at least the user gets the choice. Any rate, I won't be installing
flash6 (or whatever it is I need 5?), and I'll simply use the site as
best I can the way it is!

Side note - whoever made the comment about not realeasing a beta
version of a site to the public was *dead* on. A definite mistake in
MM judgement, IMO. Lots of this stuff could have been tweaked before

You have to remember, MM audience are geeks, they're gonna get
hammered for stuff like this moreso than other folks would.



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