[thelist] Macromedia.com redesigned

Erik Mattheis gozz at gozz.com
Wed Mar 5 18:48:00 CST 2003

On Wednesday, March 5, 2003, at 06:09  PM, John Handelaar wrote:
> Got anything constructive to add, Erik?

And letting everyone know in three or four separate posts that a beta
home page doesn't work on the browser you have launched is certainly
not constructive. Is it too much for you to launch the site in a
different browser that it works in? Actually, I do think injecting some
humor into a thread that everybody immediately knew was likely to go
nowhere is quite constructive.

thelist perhaps isn't an appropriate place to talk about the "new"
(read: a year or more old) Flash Components of MX that can take an XML
doc use the data in something something that emulates a select box or
radio button group ... with, oh, maybe six or 10 short lines of
ActionScript. People here probably aren't interested. Nor Flash's
ability to create a infinately deep hierarchical menu that only
downloads the few next bytes in data when they're needed.

> Yeah.  There are no CF developers in Linux.  There are no
> software purchasers using Linux.  There are no IT people
> in support using Linux.  There's no such thing as a user
> who's machine is locked down to prevent upgrades. There
> are no *nix-on-the-desktop Fortune 500 companies.
> Only blind people are affected by usability mistakes.

And the 99.9% of Internet users who don't fit into any of those
categories don't deserve to take a poke around a web page that attempts
to be adventuresome, perhaps a little over the top, and maybe even made
the default home page a little while before it should have been.
Erik Mattheis
GoZz Digital
Flash and ColdFusion Development
Minneapolis, MN

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