[thelist] is evolt dot org shutting down?

prime at f2o.org prime at f2o.org
Wed Mar 5 23:15:01 CST 2003

I dont know what the deal is with the evolt fundraiser drive either 'cuz
that site says they have $7000 US so I don't know why they are closing it
but that is a lot of money

I moved my stuff today and got approved with a new host and its cool 'cuz
I think their in the same town as me.

Good luck....


> I received this strange letter in my mailbox Monday:
> ----
> "Dear members.evolt.org users:
> We're sorry to have to announce that members.evolt.org (MEO) service
> will be closed indefinitely from March 15th 2003 onwards.
> We expect that we'll be able to forward your URL to a new location of
> your choosing soon, but in the meantime we *strongly* advise you to make
> backups of:
> * Your pages and code
> * If applicable, your MySQL database (use the 'dump database' feature
>     of phpmyAdmin).
> We also expect to be able to forward your email to another address, and
> will send details of this as soon as it's available. But you should also
> alert people that your MEO e-mail address may become unavailable, and
> change any mailing list subscriptions you may have accordingly.
> Finally, we apologize for not having been able to give a lot more notice
> of this change to your service. evolt.org had very little warning about
> the change. Sorry for the inconvenience.
> Thank you for your support.
> Javier Velasco - on behalf of evolt.org"
> ----
> Now what I find strange is that there is no whisper on either this list
> or the
> website...
> What's going on? I see the donation drive is going strong...

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