[thelist] RE: Macromedia.com redesigned

Rich Gray rich at f1central.net
Thu Mar 6 05:02:01 CST 2003

> As for me, the home page, be it the default or the /fr/ page,
> doesn't display anything except the menu. The rest stops loading
> at "Assembling Interface Components..."
> Moz1.1, latest Flash player plugin, Win2k.
> Maybe it's because I'm behind a truckload of firewalls, I don't
> know. Anybody would care to send me a screenshot? ;-)
> Seriously now, I don't know where it comes from. I can't imagine
> the reaction of non-tech-savvy visitors to the same situation,
> apart from enver coming back again, sorry to have to say it.
> Anybody at Macromedia (John Dowdell?), feel free to contact me
> offlist for troubleshooting if I can help.
> stef

Opera 7.01/Win2K - goes into a loop 'Assembling Interface Components'...
blue menu flashes ... and so on ad infinitum :(


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