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Andrew andrew at humanbehaviour.co.uk
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>> ok here is the link if you select Somerset and then nothing except what is
>> displayed as set of results get returned.
>> If you then choose any other county the same reults remain there
>> untill you then
>> hit the submit button again, so there is some type of refresh
>> problem I think or
>> the form isn't right :(
>> http://www.punterspower.co.uk/index.php
>> here is the code:
>The behaviour is what I would expect. You are populating the drop down
>options using php so to refresh the city list the county form needs to be
>submitted to the server so that php can re-build the city list. If you want
>that process to be automatic then you'll need a client side javascript event
>handler to automatically submit the form on change of county... eg
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