[thelist] site pirating

Hassan Schroeder hassan at webtuitive.com
Wed Mar 19 17:31:47 CST 2003

Kathy Long wrote:
> Our site has been almost perfectly duplicated by a company in India. 
> Anyone know what we can do about it? I would think that the fact they 
> are in another country may make it difficult.
> Here's the original:
> http://www.vanilla.com
> Here's theirs:
> http://www.nutech-systems.com

Yeah, looks pretty, uh, similar :-)

Their meet-the-director page has an address in India *and* one in
the US (though Glendale's in Southern California and 408 is the
area code for San Jose (Northern California -- ? ) so...

Nutech Systems
367 W Lexington Dr
Suite # 6
Glendale CA 91203
Phone:001 408 230 9085, 001 408 719 1504

I'd start with a call to that number, and perhaps email to the "site
designer" (mailto on the home page) and the various company contacts
listed on <http://www.nutech-systems.com/html/about-queen.html> and
see what happens...

And the system is hosted in Vancouver BC -- do a whois on superb.net
for contact info. You might let them know...

HTH, and good luck!
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