[thelist] site pirating

Aaron Johnson lists at cephas.net
Thu Mar 20 08:16:50 CST 2003

>> Make sure you get screen shots of several pages .. as many as you can.
Look at downloading the entire site locally too for backup and in case you
needit.  There was a discussion a couple weeks ago about software for
downloading entire sites .. unfortunately the archives aren't around (or I
can't find them) .. so, hopefully others can pipe up with some
 -- not sure if this is what you were thinking about, but you can use wget
to mirror a site.  I have directions here
(http://cephas.net/blog/archives/000029.html) on setting up wget on windows
and the syntax after setting it up, is this:

wget --mirror http://www.yoursite.com/

to mirror a site.



Aaron Johnson
ajohnson at cephas.net

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