[thelist] site pirating

Andrew Finger andyjje at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 20 08:18:21 CST 2003

I don't mean to point fingers or anything, but its my inclination to wonder 
who is the victim n a situation like this.  As this web page involves 
Vanilla, and looking at the "Facts" link on the California web page, I saw 
that most of the world's vanilla is grown in the Indian Ocean.  I think some 
of this pirating information ought to be reported to both designers.

<tip=elementary school rule of thumb>He who smelt it, dealt it.  He who made 
the rhyme, committed the crime</tip>

>Kathy Long wrote:
>>Our site has been almost perfectly duplicated by a company in India. 
>>Anyone know what we can do about it? I would think that the fact they are 
>>in another country may make it difficult.
>>Here's the original:
>>Here's theirs:

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