[thelist] validation problem

Kae Verens kverens at contactjuggling.org
Mon Mar 24 08:55:14 CST 2003

{ schaapy } wrote:
> How do I change this so that my page will validate? It's getting hung up on
> the (name="center")
> The page: http://www.theparagon.org/work/gmb/gallery.shtml
> <a href="#" onmouseover="swtch(3,center)" onmouseout="swtch(3,center)">
> <img src="img/gallery/zeeland_highschool/three.jpg" alt="Zeeland Building
> Shot One" border="1"></a>
> <img src="img/clear.gif" name="center" alt="">

the HTML4 spec does not have "name" as an attribute - exactly as the 
validator says:

IIRC, this was an error that was corrected in HTML4.01 ...yup:

> Also - 
> The left rail - the guy wants it to span from the top of the screen to the
> bottom. Right now the rail only spans as far as the content next to it. How
> can I make this 100%?

you could position it absolutely, using left:0, top:0 and bottom:0 - 
that involves a restructuring of your source code - you currently have 
your page set out using tables. See http://glish.com/css for some 
table-less layouts.

On an accessibility note, the rollover link is not usable by 
non-javascript browsers. It may be a better idea to initially display 
the images as if you expect the audience's browsers to not use 
JavaScript, then write some JavaScript to restructure the HTML according 
to your intended design.

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