[thelist] one flash detection script for multiple pages?

Mark Groen mark at markgroen.com
Fri Mar 28 00:21:45 CST 2003

On March 28, 2003 at 5:17, unruly mongrel wrote:

> But this means I'd have one Flash detection page for every page with a
> Flash movie on it. 
Nope, it's a combo of vbs and javascript and they are external files, go here for 
more info:

Macromedia themselves has a lot of info on this:

as well as Googling scripts of which there are many, this site has lots more Flash 
info and some good tutorials:


This is good if you want to replace your movie with some html on those pages for 
those without Flash instead of a redirect to another page, just place the script 
that is in the <head> into an external .js file instead:


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