[thelist] Styling the Active Link State

MaKo shark at mako4css.com
Fri Mar 28 09:25:46 CST 2003

> > Using CSS, how do you eliminate the dashed box around a link that
> > is being clicked on? Especially in Win IE 5 something, the box
> stays
> > visible even after using the back button to return to the previous
> > page.

The dotted box is a Microsoft-typical accessibility feature: for people
who use the keyboard to navigate through a site.

If you really, really want to, you can get rid of it with
>>onfocus="this.blur();"<<, but I would not recommend that.

The 'prolonged' active state is a IE browser bug - click somewhere else on
that page and it returns to the normal 'visited' state.


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