[thelist] IE acting up

Amy Johnson amy at rocky-hills.com
Sat Mar 29 21:46:42 CST 2003

This isn't a web design question but I'm definitely confounded.  I
have a client who runs IE (probably version 6).  He has IE set up to
automatically go directly to his e-commerce web site.  One time last
week when he started IE, his web site was temporarily down and
something called Microsoft SearchX came up instead of his web site.
Ever since then, whenever he brings up IE, his web site comes up and
then Microsoft SearchX comes up over it even though his web site is
fine now!  I've had him retype his IE "Home" URL and delete all his
temporary Internet files but with no luck.  Why is this SearchX thing
still coming up over and over?  When he types his URL in the URL
window, his site comes up fine without the SearchX covering it up.  So
it's something wrong with the IE automatic redirection to his "home"
site.  Any clues would definitely be welcome!  He's convinced Bill
Gates is haunting him :-).

Amy Johnson

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