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Daniel Barker DBarker at uk.insight.com
Wed Jul 2 09:58:22 CDT 2003

No major suggestions, but why not put a (say) 5 second timer in after the
window.print that redirects to a page saying "The image has been sent to
your printer" then closes 2 seconds later. That way, the window would seem
like a kind of print confirmation rather than look like some kind of bug.

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Good morning, afternoon, night,

I'm not quite sure how to accomplish this, but I have an idea and am seeking
a better one. What I wanted to do is have an image and if the user clicks
it, the image would print. much like javascript:window.print().

That won't work since prints the whole page out. I also thought about this:

(the link)
<a href='javascript:openwindowprintthenclose()' title="Click this image to
print it out"><img src="/images/pic/gif"></a>

(the javascript)
function openwindowprintthenclose() {

<body onload="window.print();window.close()">
<img src="/images/pic.gif">

Perhaps you know of a slightly more elegant solution?

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