[thelist] Putting code into e-mail

Scott Brady evolt at scottbrady.net
Wed Jul 2 11:03:37 CDT 2003

While at work, I access my evolt mail via a webmail system.  The recent thread on printing with an onclick has included code that, when I read it, it opens up the Print dialogue and then prompts me if I want to close my window.  Unfortunately, that also tends to kill my browser and I have to kill the window and open up a new one.  Aside from me not being able to view the thread (I can't disable JS, because the mail system doesn't work with it off), it's da**ed annoying.

<tip type="javascript in e-mail">
When putting code (particularly JavaScript) code into e-mail, please try to think about what effect it may have on people viewing their e-mail in web-based e-mail.  While it can be necessary to show people the code you're using, putting spaces in can still get the point across.

For example, instead of showing your actual onload code, show it as "on load(dothis);"

Scott Brady

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