[thelist] Email address misused to send out viruses :(

Chris W. Parker cparker at swatgear.com
Wed Jul 2 10:57:28 CDT 2003

muinar <mailto:evolt at muinar.com> wrote:

> Today I received a delivery failure message containing the
> attachment your_details.zip  :(  It came from an address that I
> never sent anything to. It claims that it has been sent out
> using Outlook, while I am only using Eudora.

This sounds like someone who has your email addresses stored on their computer has been infected with the SoBig.E worm. I guess what's happening is that the worm is using random To and From addresses when it sends itself out. If your address is in the From field you'll get the bounce notice (or any human replies) because of that email even though it did not originate at your location.

I've read about two answers to this situation. 1. You are infected (you say you are not so this one can be ruled out), 2. What I described above (most likely).

Let's hope it actually is the second one eh?


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