[thelist] need help with a couple of tools

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Wed Jul 2 15:39:41 CDT 2003

Charles Cattell noted:

>i guess no one knows, i think i am going to unsubscribe to this thing, i
>havent really gotten the help i need with ANY of my questions

>>We are a small but fast growing mortgage company, and i was wondering if
>>anyone out there knew of a fannie mae 1003 written in php, and is compatible
>>with mysql, but also that can email the data in a .fnm (Fannie Mae 3.0)

Hi Charles,

That's always an option.

However, I would suggest instead that you try to reword your question in 
a more generic fashion.  While it was probably worth a shot to ask the 
_exact_ question you were interested in, you have to admit it was a longshot 
to get an answer to it from a 'general' web technology discussion group.
Moreover, giving up at this point certainly doesn't help further your 
development efforts, does it?

We have a extremely *WIDE* range of talented folks on this list.  However, 
I would suspect that financial mortgage processing - with PHP - and MySQL 
... is probably a pretty small group. There may not be anyone here who 
does that - with those technologies.

e.g. If, for example, you were confused about how to pull a date field 
out of a MySQL database and use PHP to reformat it to conform to .fnm 
standards (providing you could explain what those were) ... I'm pretty sure 
any number of folks here could help you out.  {On the other hand, _I_, for 
example, would not be interested or willing to read through and digest the 
fannie mae forms and format specifications *just* so I could answer a 
question put to this list ... regardless of who it came from.}

There are several keys to getting help from this list: (1) make your 
question interesting, (2) provide enough information to allow the 
problem to be solved - but not so much as to overly restrict potential 
solutions, and (3) format your question in such a way that people *can* 
provide helpful suggestions.  Remember, this is a volunteer effort - no 
one is 'owed' an answer on any question. Try enticing folks to help instead.

Good Luck with your mortgage processing stuff,

(Who, as possibly evolt's sole Brio afficianado, is often in a similar boat 
and has to compensate by, for example, asking 'generic' JavaScript questions 
and then 'converting' the suggestions back into Brio's proprietary JS. The 
moral is that you _can_ get assistance here. But you may need to be more 
flexible and creative in order to get it.)

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