Should you go against your Client? (Was: [thelist] Message Archive -MySQL)

Chris Marsh chris at
Wed Jul 30 11:21:11 CDT 2003

> Um, shouldn't you leave this? You Client has expressly said this, and 
> you seem to be proposing to go behind his back against him.

No I shouldn't, no he didn't and no I'm not.

> Maybe he has his reasons for this; for example the database could be 

He doesn't.

> put on a host where he pays for expensive storage, or maybe 
> due to the 
> applications intended use he wants to encourage users to use it for 
> short term things only, and not as a message archive?

Not the case.

> I would have thought the proper course of action is to sit down with 
> him and explain to him why you think its a bad idea and to try to 
> change his mind, but if he remains resolute then you bow to his will.

Not at all. I really appreciate your comments, but the question I asked
was technical in nature. I added what I thought was the bare minimum of
explanation in order to gain some assistance, but I was myself in error
as I added information that without qualification would mislead people
as to my position with regards my client. Even though he is the client
and I am the server, I have the final word. I haven't got the time to
even *begin* to explain this relationship and how it came about, but
I'll try and keep my missives more succint in future ;)

> What is other peoples experience in matters like this?

Thanks again for the input, please don't take my response in any other
manner than good natured :)


Chris Marsh

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