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Joshua Olson joshua at waetech.com
Mon Aug 4 00:05:20 CDT 2003

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> Working on a new project of my own with my fiancee, and I'd love to have
> some feedback.

> http://OurHeartsEntwine.com/


Nice idea.  Got some quick comments:

1.  Worked the same in IE/PC and Moz/PC.  Good job.

2.  I'm not a big fan of bottom navigation.  I found myself getting
frustrated having to scoll to the bottom all the time.  On the homepage it
may be a way to get the person to read the whole page, but on the internal
pages you may consider moving it to the top.

3.  I missed a couple links on the homepage... specifically the one to the
sample site at the bottom (http://reidandandrea.com/).  I think I'd've liked
to see the links underlined.  The link at the bottom I missed may be more of
a presentation issue, though... since the link is so important you may want
to use some color or imagery to say "click me!  I'm a link to a demo site so
that you'll be impressed!!"

4.  When I make my screen fonts big the poem linebreaks look a bit odd.

5.  The homepage has some minor (aka easy to fix) validation problems.

All-in-all everything I've mentioned is minor.  Good work!

Joshua Olson
Web Application Engineer
WAE Tech Inc.

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