[thelist] simple method for uploading CSV files to MSSQL

Paul Cowan evolt at funkwit.com
Tue Aug 5 00:20:29 CDT 2003

> If you have "simple" recovery mode in SQL Server 2000, then you can't use
> your transaction logs to restore any data. That's what "simple" logging is
> for. So, there's not much point backing up your transaction logs since
> they are not used.

OK, you're right. Forget what I said (again), but bear in mind that
if you meet the conditions, and you're using BULK_LOGGED recovery mode,
you won't be able to do point-in-time restores if you do bulk inserts,
then. Again, better, but I still stand by my statement that if you don't
know that, it could bite you on the arse (but not as badly as in SQL 7).

> PS Where is the stuff about requiring "the non-replication, non-trigger,
> non-indexed,
> and TABLOCK-hinted conditions to be met" in BOL? I can't seem to locate
> it.

Look up "logged bulk copy" in the index of the "Administering SQL Server"
section, it will take you to the section "Logged and Minimally Logged
Bulk Copy Operations":

	To help prevent the transaction log from running out of
	space, a minimally logged bulk copy can be performed if
	all of these conditions are met:

	* The recovery model is simple or bulk-logged.
	* The target table is not being replicated.
	* The target table does not have any triggers.
	* The target table has either 0 rows or no indexes.
	* The TABLOCK hint is specified.



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