[thelist] Client doesn't know his audience

Janet Green JGreen at desmoinesmetro.com
Wed Aug 6 09:10:51 CDT 2003

>>>One thing I learned from my marketing days was that you were only ever
called in to companies whose marketing wasn't very good. That's the point.
If it was good, they wouldn't need you.<<<

Partly, yes - this was especially true when I owned my business, and my clients were small business owners who knew they "needed some marketing" but didn't know precisely what that meant. But, there are also companies who choose to outsource marketing (even GOOD marketing! LOL) simply because doing so keeps them lean and keeps them from having to pay more salaries/benefits. 

>>>Of course, persuading them that this is all worthwhile is whole different thing :-)<<<

I'll put in with you there! Some are so anxious to just get a site going that they don't even want to go through all the planning. My background is actually in corporate video production, then small business marketing - I learned VERY early (especially in video, which is way too expensive to go into "production"  without a plan) the importance of having a solid plan and I've applied that lesson ad nauseum throughout my career, sometimes to the annoyance of my "hurry up and get it done" client. 

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