[thelist] Sigh. More ASP. This time, trouble reading a file

Lightening oktellme at earthlink.net
Thu Aug 7 21:00:40 CDT 2003

Here is another piece of asp code that should work, but doesn't.

Same calendar I asked about before. If the calendar says there is a party,
the person can click on it and get more info about the party. So I am
passing an ActivityId off a valid record.

I am displaying the sql statement, so I know it is being formated correctly
and activityID = correct ID. But every time, it returns zero records found-
I get the "Sorry no items were found" routine.

Can anyone see what O might be doing wrong?



set rsActivity=Server.CreateObject("ADODB.RecordSet")
 sql="SELECT activityId,  event, eventType,  " & _
 " MemberFee, NonMemberFee, Description, " & _
 " from activityTable "

sql=sql & " where ActivityId= " & aActivityId & ";"

Response.write    sql & "<br>"
rsActivity.Open sql,dsn

if rsActivity.recordcount<=0 then
 response.write "<h2><font align=center  color='#55eeee' >Sorry no items
were found</font></h2>"
 set rsActivity=nothing
end if

response.write "<tr><th>Activity Id</th>"
response.write "<td>" & rsActivity.Fields("ActivityId").value & "</td>"
response.write "</tr>"

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