[thelist] What is wrong with this site?

Mark Lee leemark at isu.edu
Mon Aug 18 18:21:38 CDT 2003

I missed the beginning of this thread, so forgive me if I'm way off 
base, but here goes:

Bill Haenel wrote:

> Should we be using the same tool for developing our products
>that our users/customers do for actually enjoying the product? 
Yes we should, in the sense that we should check our product to see that 
it works as expected in the environment that the end-users are likely to 
see it (i.e. I.E. ;-| ). The issue, on a smaller scale, is that /whether 
a page is rendered as expected in Internet Explorer should not be the 
only standard of whether it 'works'. /That's why professionals tend to 
use tools like validators and check their work in as many different 
environments as possible. The larger issue is that the low barriers to 
entry for publishing on the web, while quite possibly the biggest reason 
for the success of the web, is a double edged sword.  Web pages are 
quite easy to make, but quite difficult to make well.

That's another can of worms though.


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