[thelist] Querying a legacy app

Tab Alleman Tab.Alleman at MetroGuide.com
Thu Aug 28 15:23:04 CDT 2003

Les Lytollis wrote:
> Hi guys
> Been away from the list for a while - back now, with a new job...and
> new questions;)
> I am implementing a .NET B2B web-based ordering system which will get
> its data from a Progress DB on AIX  fronted by a bespoke SOP system.
> For a number of reasons, we want to let the SOP system query the
> Progress DB rather than let the web app query it directly, so the web
> app will make a request to the SOP system.
> The suppliers of the SOP system are prepared to make some sort of
> listener to accept message requests, but what I can't get my head
> around is how I get the message to and from the SOP system. Do I need
> to create some sort of server or listener on the web app that can
> accept responses? Is this a Web Service? A message queue? SOAP?
> Confused? You will be...

I'd use XML.

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