[thelist] Filenames, case problem in dreamweaver.

Jono Young Jono at brookgroup.com
Tue Sep 16 10:42:21 CDT 2003

There are settings in ImageReady that might correct the problem.  In
ImageReady, go to File<output settings...<HTML<Saving files.  You will see 9
pull down menus, under "File Naming" that allow you to modify how an image's
name will be saved out.  The last pull down is the .ext option.  You might
want to make sure this option is set to ".ext" instead of ".EXT"  Below the
"File Naming" section you will see "Filename Capability" make sure the
appropriate operation systems are checked - Windows, Mac OS(grayed out by
default) and UNIX.

Hope this helps.  I have also seen file names change across a network when
going from Mac to PC, and then back to Mac, but I am not sure what causes
the problem?  Also, I am sure there are batch renaming apps, but I do not
know of any specifically.  Google it, or may check VersionTracker?  Good
luck.  I am also interested in the solution to this one.

On 9/16/03 5:20 AM, "Roger Newbrook" <roger.newbrook at scientiasolutions.com>

> Tom wrote
> "These files were origionally created on a macintosh. Does anybody know
> why this happens and if there is a workaround for this?"
> you could always do a global find and replace of GIF to gif making sure you
> have the "match case" check box checked (and any other relevant extensions).
> dunno why it does it, but it is a pain that it does. sometime i have noticed
> file extensions change case during upload which is even more annoying!!
> hth
> roger

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