[thelist] Finding Cell providers by prefix of mobile number.

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Wed Sep 17 15:28:13 CDT 2003

Hassan Schroeder wrote:
So the "assigned prefixes" may be of limited use...

Yes Hassan,

I think yours is a correct assumption.  Let me pose this question - is it
possible to email somone with an SMS enabled phone if you know their number
but, not their Network Provider?  Currious to hear back.

Phil Warbasse

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> David Dorward wrote:
> >>Based on the discussion recently about cellphone SMS.  Does anyone know
> >>where I might find a list of prefixes that each Cell Phone Network
> >>is assigned?  It is my understanding that numbers are assigned to each
> >>Network Provider and that if you know the prefix of the number you can
> >>out the Network Provider that the number belongs to i.e. ATT&T, NexTel,
> >>whoever.  Is this correct?
> > I can't speak for the US, but in the UK you can't link a prefix to any
> > particular provider in the UK. Users can change provider and take
> > their number with them.
> And that's supposed to be the case here in the US Real Soon Now(tm),
> thank $deity, inasmuch as said carriers have had their last pathetic
> attempt to forestall the FCC number portability mandate rejected by
> the courts. Supposedly November 24, 2003, is the Magic Date. But we
> all know schedules slip :-)
> So the "assigned prefixes" may be of limited use...
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