[thelist] good programming practices for ASP with JavaScript

Mike Stenhouse mailers at donotremove.co.uk
Fri Sep 19 09:24:30 CDT 2003

Hi Sarah

"I've done some intensive
searching with Google, and read over several tutorials and FAQs looking for
the information I need. But I'm still having problems finding answers to
some of my questions."

I use JavaScript with ASP and it always takes me ages to find JScript
resources online - I keep being directed back to VBScript references. Grrrr.

"  recordset.close
   set recordset = nothing
   set conn = nothing"

recordset = null;
conn = null;

"Also, if anyone can refresh my memory as to other good practices for ASP
(using JavaScript), I'd really appreciate it. Recommendations to good
resources are also welcome - I have lots of sites bookmarked, but it's hard
to tell which are any good."

I can't think of any off-hand. Um, maybe use some kind of Hungarian notation
for your variables. Don't be afraid of classes. They're implemented a bit
differently to VBScript but they make sense once you've got your head around
them. Don't forget that JavaScript is case sensitive, unlike VBScript, so
pay attention to your capitalisation. Not the best advice but it's all that
springs to mind!

Best of luck


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